Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Will the helpful blogger please stand up?

Why in the world should you read another blog? I mean, all the "really good blogs" are already established right? Yea, and most mechanics are honest.

My goal is simple, to empower the people of the world to own a vehicle and not have to pay thousands of dollars to high priced con-artists, er, I mean, "mechanics". Simply put, this blog WILL SAVE YOU MONEY (and might make you laugh along the way).

Not a week goes by that someone doesn't call me and ask for advice on a car repair, pricing for parts, or a "hey, do I really need this". And since I am HONEST, they know they will get a straight answer with no bias. I specialize in BMW's and believe me, they are the worst. One story I recently read said a woman paid $800 for an oil change! I didn't realize BMW's took 12 BARRELS of sweet crude.....

Regardless, we shall see how this goes and how the public responds.

I look forward to my next entry, thanks for reading!


  1. Good it's about time and especially because the BMW dealerships bleed you dry. The prices they are asking are unbelievable.
    Can't wait to read more, I read your advises on Bimmerfest all the time and you know your stuff.

  2. Great read and thank you for doing this for all of us! :-)

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