Friday, October 8, 2010

For the love of Pete, DIY people!

So this is more of a rant than an informational blog. I drive through the parking lot of the local Advance Auto Parts yesterday and what do I see? A man in his early to mid 30's standing in front of his SUV while the woman (yes, woman) from the Advance store puts his windshield wipers on his car for him! It took everything I had not to stop my car, get in my trunk, pull two golf balls from my golf bag and hand them to him and say "here's a pair for ya Nancy!" I mean, are you kidding me? Can you imagine your grandfather or father letting a woman do car work for him?

So I got to thinking and I made a top ten list of things this guy (we'll call him Nancy) says during his day:

10. "Hey, do those panties come in a size 36?"
9. "Can you carry my groceries out for me?"
8. "I'd like a water crest salad with mineral water"
7. "That is a handsome man right there"
6. "I wonder if this shirt comes in pink?"
5. "I can't wait for tonights episode of Real Housewives"
4. "Really, I didn't realize my car had two transmissions, go ahead and replace them both then"
3. "I wish this station would play more Michael Bolton"
2. "Swing dance lessons are great exercise"
1. "I voted for Obama, why?"

Seriously people, do your own maintenance. Remember my mantra (and I stole this from the movie "The Bear" with Anthony Hopkins) "what one man can do, another can do!". If a mechanic can replace brake pads, so can you. If a woman from Advance Auto can replace your wiper blades, so can you! Get your hands dirty for crying out loud, it won't kill you and might save you a buck or two!

Have a great weekend!